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Vapers Tongue – What is it?

Vapers Tongue, this is something hopefully you will never experience, but if you do the effects are obvious and creep up without warning. Crikey!

So, what is vapers tongue?  Its when a vaper suddenly experiences flavours diminishing during vaping. This can happen regardless of the flavour and with any premium brand like Crikey Clouds, or other well-known international brands.

Typically, vapers tongue will last from one to three days and is caused by senses in the nose that detect flavours becoming desensitised Most vapers will experience this at one point and will vouch for the unpleasant experience it causes. It is like the tongue gets a thick coat that causes the lack of flavours. It normally happens gradually, then the loss of your favourite flavours is noticeable, then it becomes really obvious this is when you know you have vapers tongue.

Here at crikey clouds, we want to assist you with overcoming and possible prevent this from happening. Here are some tips that may help:

  1. You are vaping the same flavour for too long

There is not a lot of scientific research however many vapers will report and comment there is a general feeling of a flavour being desensitised when vaped for too long. To avoid this try changing flavours at least once a week.

  1. You recently made the switch from Smoking to Vaping

Congratulations on making the switch! Unfortunately, due to the side effects of smoking tobacco your taste buds may be damaged and will need time to heal. Give it some time and hopefully you will get your full taste sensation back.

  1. You may be dehydrated

Drink some water and keep your body’s fluids topped up. When you are dehydrated your body works hard to maintain natural osmotic water levels and as such your body’s physiology is out of whack.

  1. Mouth Dryness

Related to being dehydrated and inadequate saliva. Drink some water and this may assist

  1. Blocked nose

As mentioned, flavour is detected through both the nose and mouth and not soley through our taste buds. When you have a blocked nose, it will struggle to pick up these flavour particles. This is similar to losing taste of food when you are sick.

  1. You are stressed or Anxious or both

Both do odd things to your body and if you suffer from either we highly recommend speaking to your local GP to help you get through it.


  1. Coils need to be replaced

An old coil or ones that’s been sitting there too long can cause the tank to flood, e-liquid to taste bad, just to name a few

  1. Your e-liquid is old

In Australia all Crikey Clouds e-liquid, and USA brands we sell are 0mg. Whilst this might be frustrating to some the benefit is your e-liquid will last longer as it is nicotine that will degrade over time a lot faster. After a couple of years your 0mg might have lost some of the flavours, like how perfumes gradually lose their strong scent.


Here is how to overcome and some remedies for Vapers tongue

  1. Take a Vape break. This will give your taste buds time to become more sensitive to flavour particles.
  2. Try unflavoured e-liquid
  3. Improving oral hygiene will improve your taste buds’ sensitivity to flavour.


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